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Employee benefits are something that every company must manage. While they are an important part of most businesses, few employers have the time and resources to sit down and properly manage them. Montgomery & Graham understands this and has dedicated itself to innovative employee benefits planning. Since its formation in 1997, Montgomery & Graham has focused itself on helping employers to plan the best benefits packages for employee retention and cost savings. M&G is also dedicated to helping manage and providing individual insurance and property & casualty protection. Because we want clients to have a better understanding, we have compiled several common questions that potential customer should know about.

What types of employee benefits are offered?

Montgomery & Graham will evaluate every aspect of an employer’s benefits package. Dental, medical, retirement planning, and life insurance can all be reviewed and assessed. In addition M&G can conduct research and surveys to find out what employees want out of their benefits program. This allows for companies to tailor their packages so that they best fit employee needs. Montgomery & Graham can also handle any administrative needs such as paperwork and communicating with insurance providers.

What individual insurance options are there?

Aside from just offering employee benefits management to businesses, Montgomery & Graham also offers options for individuals who are looking for insurance. We can help to provide programs for individuals with all kinds of different needs. Whether it’s providing health insurance to those who are in between jobs, or offering alternative care Montgomery & Graham can help. M&G can not only provide coverage, but can also compare plans and help clients understand the different options that are open to them. Individuals who use our service can save money and learn how to gain access to the best policies available.

What can property and casualty insurance help with?

Property and casualty insurance can help to minimize risks, and can make a company more profitable. Montgomery & Graham can help with this process and set up coverage that works best for the employer. By offering services such as contract reviews, fleet safety programs, and business interruption insurance the company can guarantee protection for clients.

We Solve Problems

Montgomery & Graham provides a wide range of different services. We offer innovative employee benefit planning for companies so that workers can gain access to the programs that work best for them while also saving the company from needless policies and paperwork. Additionally, M&G covers individuals and can help them out in any circumstance. Montgomery & Graham also help their clients to utilize property and casualty insurance which can save them money while protecting essential assets. Need insurance? Montgomery & Graham is a fantastic option for anyone looking for coverage.

Assocations and Professional Affiliations

We parther with a variety of organizations to offer the most innovative and industry leading insurance options. Here is an an example of the offers we have created for the HBA to provide up to three plan selections per group. A wonderful way to reduce expenses while offering employees rich plans to choose from at the employees cost.

Home Builders Assocation Insurance Bundle Plans

The Team at M&G are Experts at Insurance

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Wes Montgomery specializes in innovative insurance planning and employee benefits

Wes Montgomery


Eric Graham specializes in employee benefit consulting and insurance planning

Eric Graham


Scott Lyda specializes in agency development and innovative employee benefits

Scott Lyda


Rick Cecchini specializes in group health insurance and customer care

Rick Cecchini


Accolades and Awards

Fastest Growing Private 100 Companies, 2003-2009

Light House Award, awarded for placing in the Fastest Growing Private Companies for 5 consecutive years, 2007

Agency of the Year by the Portland Association Health Underwriters, 2002

Platinum Agency Kaiser 2005, 2007, 2008



Montgomery & Graham founded in 1997 as a privately held corporation in Portland, Oregon, when Wes Montgomery and Eric Graham left the Mutual of Omaha Companies to focus their energies on employee benefit planning.


Purchased the Bell-Anderson Insurance Agency book of employee benefit busines and moved its offices to the Sylvan area of Portland.


Scott Lyda joined firm and is now a partner leading a team of over 15 professionals.


Purchased Insurance Smart, a well-established employee benefit agency in Oregon and Washington.


Acquired Insurance Solutions, an employee benefit agency in Hillsboro Oregon.


Recognized as the Agency of the Year by the Portland Association Health Underwriters as the top producing agency in the state, as well as for its active involvement in the critical employee benefit issues facing the Oregon insurance community.

Insurance professionals from other agencies were attracted to the dynamic environment of the growing company, and many joined our team. M&G began to aggressively market its expanded service concept in the Portland area.


Recognized by the Portland Business Journal as one of Oregon’s 50 fastest growing privately held companies.


Again named as one of Oregon’s fastest growing companies, moving up two points from the previous year. During the summer of 2004 the company purchased its own building and is now located Lake Oswego, Oregon.


Added a fourth partner, Rick Cecchini.

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Schedule a consultation to find out how you can take control of your health insurance cost and offer employee benefit packages that excel in company wellness and employee retention. Understand your options and know about the latest insurance strategies, and save money offering innovative healthcare and risk management solutions. We solve problems at M&G, contact us today!

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