MG Clientcare helps with all your Health Insurance and Employee Benefit Questions

Call our Client Care at (888) 390-1330 x389 for fast, friendly and confidential service.

We actually have real, live humans at the other end of the line who can personally help you with any issues that may arise. While we can’t solve every issue immediately, we will resolve it just as soon as we can.

Client Care respects your privacy.

Of course, in accordance with HIPAA regulations, we protect your personal information.

Client Care not only helps you today, but also helps you tomorrow.

While protecting your privacy, we do track the issues we hear about. We can then address these issues with the insurance carrier, and working together we’ll make necessary corrections or implement training to minimize or eliminate inconvenience.

Client Care contact information.

Direct Dial (503) 292-1526 x389
Toll Free (888) 390-1330 x389
Direct Fax (503) 292-7122

Account Management & HR Administration

Gillian Baker is a CISR certified insurance service representative specializeing in property and casualty

Gillian Baker, CISR

Client Account Manager III

Donyela Mann

Donyela Cornelius

Small Group Account Manager

Jackie Lesch

Jackie Lesch

Account Manager

Reymond Soriano helps keep all the systems running smooth at MG Benefits

Reymond Soriano


Rod Rider

Rod Rider

Accounting / Human Resources

Lydia Moore helps manage the books and keep business on track

Lydia Moore

Accounting / Human Resources

Tami Pero

Tami Pero

Client Care Representative

Bethany Graham helps keep MG Benefits on track with insurance planning

Bethany Graham


Typical Client Care requests and average turnaround time.


  • General Benefit Questions 1 Hour
  • Complex Benefit Questions 24 Hours
  • Benefit Summary Request 2 Hours


  • Billing Issues 48 Hours


  • General Claim Questions 24 Hours
  • Complex Claim Assistance 24-48 Hours*
  • Claim Reprocessing 72 Hours **


  • Basic COBRA Questions 1 Hour
  • Complex COBRA Question 24 Hours
  • COBRA Qualifying Event Notices 12 Hours


  • Eligibility Issues 12 Hours

Employee Packet

  • Employee Packet Request 10 Days


  • Enrollment Changes 12 Hours
  • Enrollment Form processing 12 Hours


  • Form Request 2 Hours

ID Cards

  • ID Card Request 4 Hours


  • Provider Look-Up 1 Hour
  • Provider Verification 12 Hours
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