Company Wellness starts with Employee Wellbeing

Scott Lyda Partner

Wellness is certainly a hot topic and folks that I talk too both on a personal and client basis for the most part would all like to be in better shape. From my personal experience, I have been in and out of shape many times in my life and over the last 10 years I have made a personal commitment to myself to work out 5 days a week and try to eat right on a regularly basis.

Surprisingly, I thought that I was on top of this, but realized that there is much to learn about fitness and nutrition. As I talk with my peers, many of them top notch athletes in their day, they feel the same way. We want to be in shape but find it difficult to be consistent in our programs or don't know exactly how to manage the proper nutrition plan successfully, which leads to treadmills and elliptical trainers around the house, eventually turning into coat racks or collecting dust in the garage.

Many people I talk with pay top dollar for gym memberships and seldom or never return after a few weeks. I've also found, especially around fitness, that you can't talk someone into jumping into this arena of fitness and lifestyle change unless they are personally committed. Unless the individual has a strong personal desire to live better, eat healthier, and get fit, there isn't much anyone can do to change their mind or somehow convince them to take on this endeavor.

The same may be said around company wellness programs. Employers have the best intentions to help direct team members to wellness with rewards or even negative consequences if they don't participate, but struggle to move the dial. We at M&G understand this dilemma and created a Wellness awareness program, MGWellbeing. Our basis is to address wellness as a longer term strategy, and it all begins with awareness. When folks have an opportunity, without threat, to know their numbers and potential health concerns that can follow, They will be more willing to buy in and commit to a lifestyle change and begin on their own terms to make a positive change in lifestyle behaviors.

We would love the opportunity to discuss our wellness awareness program MGWellbeing with you in more detail. If you’re interested feel free to contact me at anytime.

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