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Effectively managing evolving risks and controlling insurance costs in a tumultuous business environment can be challenging – that’s why Montgomery & Graham offers a revolutionary, time-saving online tool that allows you to gather information and solve everyday problems in just a few keystrokes. Discover the innovative resources today by logging in to MGAssist.

Benefits Document Library
HR Compliance
Health and Wellness Newsletters
P&C Resources
P&C Newsletters
P&C Document Library
OSHA Compliance
WC State Statutes
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Benefits Document Library

Solutions are just a few clicks away.

An extensive library featuring both employee-facing and informational documents for employers allows you to quickly and effortlessly resolve a host of human resources and insurance-related issues. Find articles, brochures, forms, reports and more regarding:
• Plan Design
• Employee Newsletters
• Wellness Programs

Your HR Dashboard
Find the latest in HR all in one place.
Stay up-to-date on the most pressing issues in HR. Find the latest industry news in one place – right on MGAssist.

• Well-known, trusted industry websites
• Links to updates, news and reference materials

HR Compliance

If tackling your compliance with some of today’s most complicated legislation seems daunting, find clear, easily accessible answers with our set of comprehensive guides, frequently asked questions, quick reference and up-to-date briefs on salient topics including Health Care Reform, ADA, CHIPRA, COBRA, FMLA, HIPAA, HIPAA Privacy, Mental Health Parity, Section 125, Medicare Part D and USERRA. In just a few clicks, access the following popular resources:

• Health Care Reform – Find up-to-date information, including legislative updates, timelines and explanations to educate both you and your employees.

• Questions and Answers – Resolve your doubts about federal legislation with daily questions and answers on popular, current legislative topics.

• Legislative News – Educate yourself with updated benefits information on any specific legislative category, including COBRA, COBRA State, HIPAA, HIPAA Privacy and FMLA topics.

• Compliance Forms – Choose election forms, eligibility forms and other general forms related to COBRA, HIPAA, FMLA and more.

• State Regulators – Locate state-specific regulatory information, including contact information for your state’s insurance regulatory body.

• Quick Links to Compliance – Find a comprehensive list of links to external government resources to help with compliance issues.

• Return to Recently Viewed Items – Don’t lose time accessing the forms you use most often. On MGAssist, your commonly used forms are right at your fingertips.

Health and Wellness Newsletters

Promote healthy employees.

Even a motivated and conscientious consumer can feel overwhelmed by today’s rapidly changing, complicated health care environment. Confusion and even ill-advised decisions can be costly to their health and well-being. Promote wellness and answer common questions with ready-to-print newsletters covering important topics.

• At the Pharmacy

• At the Doctor’s Office

• Home Care

• Your Health Plan

P&C Resources

Your first stop for risk management answers.

Find tools and solutions for virtually any risk management issue, from occupational disease and workplace violence to natural disasters and product recall. Protect your business with our collection of the best of risk management resources on the web.

P&C Newsletters

Stay on top of the latest property and casualty trends.

From safe driving practices to toolbox safety meetings, our customizable, professionally designed, ready-to-print newsletters educate employees about workplace hazards and ways to prevent injury, empowering them to take safety into their own hands. Creating a successful safety-minded culture is as simple as logging in to MGAssist.

P&C Document Library

Expertise at your fingertips.

Thousands of downloadable articles are at your fingertips, providing instant access to articles, flyers, newsletters, forms, checklists, benchmarking surveys and much more.

• Discover new and featured informational newsletters and flyers on evolving risks, current topics in property and casualty and more.

• Search a vast library featuring up-to-date, informative documents covering a variety of property and casualty issues, including loss control, cost containment, risk management, OSHA compliance, safety culture, coverage explanations, safety manuals and more.

• Download customizable employee communications materials, including payroll stuffers, newsletters and safety manuals.

OSHA Compliance

Staying in compliance is a snap with the practical and easily accessible collection of occupational safety resources you’ll find on MGAssist, including:

• Compliance and FAQ – Information and answers regarding OSHA’s recordkeeping guidelines, coupled with various related resources.

• Instant OSHA Reporting – Generate up-to-the-minute OSHA reports and drill down by injury type, body part, group or division to identify trends and cost drivers.

• Custom OSHA Forms – Generate a PDF with your OSHA 300 Log or Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses for a certain division or year.

• Easy OSHA Log Maintenance – Edit, view and delete log entries quickly and easily with the log maintenance wizard, which makes maintenance simple and guarantees that your records are current.

• View Recent Incidents – Stay on top of your company’s workplace safety with the online log’s handy at-a-glance view.

WC State Statutes

An invaluable resource.

Find concise, accurate and up-to-date information about any state’s workers’ compensation benefits rates and regulations – as well as contact information for the state’s workers’ compensation regulatory body – with our instantly accessible, all-encompassing database.

Claims & Request Forms

Request info or report claims anytime, anywhere.

MGAssist is your connection to Montgomery & Graham accessible whenever you need it. Directly from MGAssist, you will be able to:

• Request information

• Request updated motor vehicle records

• File auto claim reports

• Update fleet schedule and process driver ID card requests

• Report a Property or General Liability Loss

Benchmarking Surveys

Compare your performance and discover best practices.

• Review surveys administered to your peers nationwide that cover a variety of relevant topics, and benchmark the results against your own policies.

• Participate in surveys for the chance to win prizes.

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M&G Benefits resources offer you the lastest in insurance and health care complaincy. Stay up to date on the need to know news regarding employee benefits.

Insurance Industry Briefs

M&G Benefits resources offer you the lastest in insurance and health care complaincy. Stay up to date on the need to know news regarding employee benefits.

An Employer's Guide to Promoting Wellness at the Workplace

An article explaining the benefits of promoting wellness at the workplace, the best practices to follow when developing a wellness program and how to develop an operating plan for a wellness program.

Plan Designs: Self-Insurance Guide

Self-funding is not right for every organization. Employers considering a switch from insured to self-funded health plans should carefully review the pros and cons outlined in this article before making a decision to self-fund.

HSA Questions and Answers

This Legislative Brief sets out Questions and Answers regarding Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), as provided by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in Notice 2008-59. The Notice addresses topics related to HSAs

Consumer-Driven Health Care Terminology

This Know Your Employee Benefits piece defines some commonly used terms in consumer-driven health care (CDHC).

Educating Employees About Health Benefits

Employers have a responsibility to educate their employees about the health coverage options they offer. This article explains what steps need to be taken on both ends.

Effective Benefit Plan Communication

The way that employers communicate benefits information to employees has a tremendous impact on how well the benefit programs are understood, utilized and perceived by employees.

OSHA On-Site Consultation Program

Using a free consultation service largely funded by OSHA, employers can find out about potential hazards at their work sites, and even qualify for a one-year exemption from routine OSHA inspections.


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