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M&G aims to provide an even stronger presence in the Northwest

Lake Oswego, OR--September 2016--Montgomery & Graham, Inc. is pleased to announce that Teegan Koster has joined the agency as its first marketing specialist. Teegan will be responsible for cultivating new and innovative ways to fuel the company’s growth as well as intensifying overall brand development and messaging in the marketplace. - See more at:

Montgomery & Graham Inc MVP Sponsor of WTIM

WeThinkItMatters Inc is excited to announce Montgomery & Graham Inc has joined as a sponsor of WTIM’s minimum viable product (MVP). A leading employee benefits and business insurance specialist, M&G has been providing innovative business solutions for companies in the Northwest for over 16 years. See more at:

Montgomery & Graham, Inc. helps sponsor NW charities with $9,000

Founded in 1997 by Wes Montgomery and Eric Graham, MG Benefits has been serving clients in the Northwest with strategic insurance planning and innovative employee benefits. They have grown over the years, but maintain a personal touch. We are looking for Nonprofit Partners serving the homeless.. See more at:

$500 Sponsorships Availableto Northwest Homeless NPOs - Apply Now May, 2014

We are excited to announce project M&G, a responsive website redesign and company intranet with business tools built-in. Montgomery & Graham, Inc. an Oregon and Washington employee benefits and health insurance consultancy were looking to help clients and prospects find important insurance and healthcare updates online. See more at:

M&G Insures WTIM can make a Difference

Montgomery & Graham Inc. has been helping businesses and individuals since 1997. When two entrepreneurs in Oregon set out to bring clients insurance solutions that meet tomorrows need. Proving they knew their stuff by becoming the fastest growing private company in Oregon 2003-2009, and receiving numerous awards over the years as well. See more at:

A Helping Hand for Northwest Homeless

Montgomery & Graham, Inc. bring together a team of people with more than 100 years of combined insurance industry expertise. They focus on helping employers plan the innovative benefits packages for their employees’ satisfaction and company cost savings. In business since 1997, M&G wants their clients to have a full understanding of the importance of managing employee benefits effectively. See more at:

Oregon & Washington Employee Benefits and Insurance Experts

Montgomery & Graham, Inc. is an insurance agency that has been helping clients and potential clients throughout Washington State and Oregon since 1997. They offer coverage and employee benefits for companies including commercial automobile insurance, umbrella insurance, and commercial property insurance, ensuring that employers will have a plan that works for their company and their employees. See more at:

M&G Team up to Help Support NW Homeless

When it comes to Oregon and Washington healthcare, few companies have the experience and background of Montgomery & Graham Inc. Since they started in 1997, they developed into one of the leading employee benefit and insurance companies in the Northwest. Their agents and other employees have over 100 years of experience in the health insurance industry. See more at:

Montgomery & Graham: Insurance Innovation for the 21st Century

More often than not, an insurance benefits package can be the focus of a struggle between employer and employee, one in which one side’s gain is the other side’s loss. Montgomery & Graham, Inc. believe in innovative health care options that will protect an employer’s bottom line while still giving employees the benefits they deserve. See more at:

Employee Benefits Expertise

Montgomery & Graham has dedicated itself to providing quality insurance to both large firms and individual clients. This dual practice has earned them a reputation for being able to assist clients in almost any situation. For almost two decades Montgomery & Graham has managed to offer affordable and innovative employee benefits packages and individual insurance policies to the Pacific Northwest. See more at:

Helping Northwest Non-Profits helping the Homeless

Montgomery & Graham, Inc., an industry-leading insurance broker in Oregon specializing in employee benefits and health insurance planning, has partnered with WeThinkItMatters Inc. to offer a unique opportunity for regional non-profits. Because growing hearts and minds is an important and integral part of the culture at Montgomery & Graham, Inc., there working with WeThinkItMatters Inc. to provide sponsorship for non-profits helping the homeless. See more at:

M&G Innovative Solutions for Better Businesses and Employee Wellbeing

Since opening their doors in 1997, Montgomery and Graham, Inc. have been helping their clients to make a wide variety of innovative benefits available to their clients by providing strategic insurance planning and cost-effective solutions for businesses. Their service to clients in Oregon and Washington is unparalleled in the Northwest, leading in Oregon and Washington group healthcare with real clientcare. See more at:

Montgomery & Graham making smart business choices for Clients & Community

Montgomery & Graham, Inc. provides innovative employee benefit planning in Oregon and Washington. They’ve been serving communities in the Northwest area since their founding in 1977. M&G, Inc., knows that many employers just don’t have the time to dedicate to carefully planning their employee benefits, such as dental, medical, and retirement planning. See more at:

MGBenefits for Employer and Employee Wellbeing

It’s not any myth that decade after decade people living on the earth have to come across with hazardous life situations at least once in a lifetime. Every solitary human kind is either fighting for a better tomorrow or coping with a problematic present. Generation after generation each individual is battling to survive the hurdles of life. See more at:

M&G Business Insurance Strategies and Expertise

Montgomery & Graham, Inc. which was founded by former Mutual of Omaha employees Wes Montgomery and Eric Graham in 1997, focuses on the planning of employee benefits through innovative insurance strategies for employers and individuals. After over twenty years of serving Northwest businesses the passing of Oregon House bill 4050 in March of 2014 has opened up self-funding to small employers, which is a niche M&G have been working with larger employers all this time. See more at:

MGBenefits, Employee Healthcare Innovators

For those looking to manage employee benefits, and cost of medical, dental and other insurance for a business, as well as retirement planning for their company employees, Montgomery & Graham, Inc. provides the options that are likely to offer just what a business needs. Whether you’re a business in Oregon or Washington looking for group health insurance and innovative employer benefits, both can be found at Montgomery & Graham, Inc. See more at:

Sponsorships to help the Homeless in Oregon and Washington

Oregon and Washington healthcare benefits consulting firm Montgomery & Graham, Inc. has been part of the business community in the Northwest since 1997. They work with small and medium sized employers to help them offer employee benefits and company wellness plans that excel in worker retention and attraction. Also, they help clients to keep updated on business and insurance strategies for finding the best coverage at affordable rates. See more at:

M&G Insurance - The Preference for a Healthier Company

The magnitude of insurance cannot be overstated or exaggerated in any age. It is one of the most crucial necessities of society. The jeopardy and hazards of life can get paid with an insurance claim even within minutes. People sense that they are protected once they get insured from any insurance firm, as they gain confidence during the uncertain conditions of life. See more at:

9k in Sponsorships to Help Homeless

Montgomery and Graham, Inc., an insurance planning firm based in Lake Oswego Oregon, are just as passionate about doing well in the communities in which they serve as they are about employee benefits. And they decided to work with WeThinkItMatters Inc. on their web development and a branding campaign, a smart business choice that made $9,000 in sponsorships available to local charities helping the homeless of the Pacific Northwest. See more at:

M&G Offers Innovative Employee Benefits for Businesses in the NW

Companies in Oregon and Washington looking for employee benefit experts can look to Montgomery & Graham, Inc. to assist them with offering their employees quality insurance options without ignoring their bottom line. Large and small firms can offer innovative options that included company wellness programs, health savings accounts, and self funding health care. See more at:

MGBenefits for Innovative Insurance Options

Providing insurance planning and cost saving business solutions is what Montgomery & Graham, Inc. does. They have been helping businesses and people in Washington and Oregon since 1997. The focus of the company is to bring the latest healthcare strategies of tomorrow to businesses today, and offering unmatched client care and value added services along the way. See more at:

M&G Helping Plan Innovative Employee Benefits

Founded in 1997, Montgomery & Graham, Inc. are one the Northwest’s leading insurance companies. From Seattle to Vancouver, and Portland to Salem, the insurance firm has helped numerous companies, workers, and individuals plan for their healthcare and future. They specialize in employee benefits and company wellbeing to protect a business’s greatest assets. See more at:

Montgomery & Graham Innovative Insurance Options for Businesses and Individuals

For those looking to manage the cost of medical, dental and other insurance services for a business, as well as retirement planning for company employees, Montgomery & Graham, Inc. provide the options that are likely to offer just what a business needs. Offering Washington and Oregon innovative group health insurance and employer benefits, M&G work with businesses to plan employee benefits everyone will be happy with. See more at:

MGBenefits 9K for the Homeless a WeThinkItMatters Inc Project

Recently the economy has had many ups and downs and the economic downturns have left many on the street. To help out those in need in the Northwest WeThinkItMatters Inc. are working with  Montgomery & Graham, Inc. on a web design project. And by M&G choosing to work together with WeThinkItMatters Inc. have made nine thousand dollars available for sponsorships to non-profits serving the homeless. See more at:

Montgomery & Graham’s innovative insurance planning

Whether you are looking to protect your family, home, employee, or business, at Montgomery & Graham Inc you have got it covered. They have a professional team who have worked with businesses of all sizes, and individuals with unique conditions to give Washington & Oregon health insurance they can trust. Effectively administrating evolving risks and controlling insurance costs in a chaotic business environment can be challenging. See more at:

Montgomery & Graham: “Tomorrow’s Insurance, Today’s Planning”

Montgomery & Graham is an insurance company that is helping its clients from Oregon and Washington since the year 1997. Montgomery & Graham provides an innovative and a cost effective planning and insurance business solutions. The Montgomery & Graham basically gives the tomorrow’s health care opportunities and the today’s business strategy to its clients that is by offering a number of clients reward and many value added service to its clients. See more at:

Montgomery & Graham Inc Innovative Employee Benefits

Montgomery & Graham Inc Innovative Employee Benefits provides incredible plans of insurance for the individuals who are having employee benefits in Washington and Oregon from 1997. They can even provide business solutions that are money saving. This company can provide you with such great services that the business strategies and healthcare objectives that you have kept for future can be accomplished today without any hassles. See more at:

6 Reasons to Consider Self Funding your Employees Health Insurance Plan

Employers who are faced with the decision of how to provide health care coverage for their employees are more likely than ever to choose a self funded plan. A self funded health care plan is one in which the employer takes the responsibility of providing health care to employees Most self funded plans are protected by the purchase of what is referred to as a stop-loss provision. See more at:

Corporate Wellness ROI on Employee Benefits

Corporate wellness and employee wellbeing seem to have become fashionable concepts in recent years, as viable ways to improve health as well as productivity. The concepts are not entirely new, companies such as Cadbury’s, the Co-operative, and Rowntrees were committed to improving the health of their employees and families as early as the late 19th century. See more at:

What are the Benefits of Health Savings Accounts HSAs

A health savings account (HSA) is a great way to ensure that you have money to pay any deductible associated with your health insurance. Most insurances have a high-deductible. A deductible is the minimum amount of money you have to pay out before your insurance starts paying. Most people pick a high-deductible insurance plan, because it costs less than other plans, and it covers 100% of expenses once the deductible is met. See more at: