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Brain has been with MG benefits since 2007, specializing in helping businesses plan employee benefits

Brian Leong

Employee Benefits Consultant

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My insurance career officially launched in 2002. After a few years gaining valuable insurance knowledge, I had an opportunity to expand my expertise to employee benefit consulting with Montgomery & Graham, Inc. It's here that I've found my greatest satisfaction helping employers design affordable yet valuable insurance benefit programs for their trusted employees. Pairing my previous background with the diverse skill sets of my colleagues at M&G has led to a successful and enjoyable place to build my business and service my clients needs. I take pride in educating employers on the merits of being fully insured or self funded for their insurance purchasing. I've found more and more that employers need a partner to help build a long term strategy through innovative plan designs and funding methods. Add to that the complexities of the PPACA and a variety of compliance issues, there has never been a need for educated consultants more than now. In the end, change will only occur with individual health and wellness and disruption of the status quo. Luckily, there are solutions out there and I'm here to help employers find them.

Industry Highlights: Endorsed by the Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Portland and Home Performance Contractors Guild

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Are you a business owner confused about Cover Oregon

By now, almost everyone has heard of or seen advertisements for  Cover Oregon news. Just to review, Cover Oregon is the name of Oregon’s state health insurance exchange. I recently went through the mandatory agent training to market these programs and the can help you understand Cover Oregon and your other options. Many people have asked me if it will be beneficial for them to purchase insurance through Cover Oregon and my answer is always, it depends.

HMO or PPO - Kaiser vs. Legacy vs. Providence

The healthcare system is complex and confusing. By understanding some of the differences between a Managed Care (HMO) or Traditional (PPO), you can make better decisions and ultimately receive better care. Find out more about your options and understand the differences in health care plans.

How to Manage Your Business in an Increasingly Complex Business Environment

Real Benefits Group, Inc. as a Professional Employment Organization (PEO) they help our clients manage the people side of their businesses and its employees, freeing up time for the owners and executives to concentrate on growing their business by focusing on operations, strategy and innovation. Check out what their founder had to say about achieving a sustainable competitive advantage.

What you need to know about Health Care Reform – Past, Present, and Future

On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed the health care reform bill, or Affordable Care Act (ACA), into law. The ACA makes sweeping changes to the U.S. health care system. The ACA’s health care reforms, which are primarily focused on reducing the uninsured population and decreasing health care costs, are being implemented over a several  year time-frame (many are already in place). Find out how the timeline affects you!