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Kyla Beamon specializes in individual insurance and personal healthcare

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Insurance Specialist: Individual, Group, Life, IUL's

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I have a comprehensive knowledge of Life Insurance options on the market today and enjoy helping families understand the ins and outs of the life insurance choices available so they can protect their families for life, from life situations.

If you have not heard of the below Life Insurance terms/options on the market I would enjoy explaining their benefits and pitfalls with you in layman's terms:

  • Living Benefit Life Insurance
  • Tax-Advantage Earnings with in a Life Policy
  • Indexed Universal Life (IUL) Tax Advantage/Free Vehicles<
  • Life Insurance as an investment for Your future
  • Return of Premium Plans
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Terminal Illness Riders
  • Long Term Care IUL Life Insurance
  • Global Index Account with Life Insurance

An Indexed Life plan bears further review due to some important Tax Benefits and many valuable features that you might not be aware of.

Are you looking for Life Insurance with:

  • Growth potential and no downside risk of the market
  • Tax-Free Loans and Withdrawals
  • Flexible Premium Payments
  • Income Protection Riders
  • Policy Value Accumulation over time
  • Living and Terminal Illness Benefits
  • Life Insurance Income Accumulation for Kids, for College

Are you missing a part of your long term goals which needs to be implemented now?  Let's get the ball rolling and protect your future and help keep your family protected at the same time.
I'd enjoy helping you discover the solution that's right for you and your family.  Knowledge is Power and your long term financial success is at stake.

BUSINESS - A great way to retain employees:

Many businesses are dropping health insurance, to save money, and loosing incentives to retain their employees.  Let's talk about how your company can receive a tax write off by funding employees individual IUL's and providing employees with a great incentive to retain their current position; with in your company.  Plans can be set up so that a company decides whom to offer the plan to and how much to fund each employees plan individually; so they may fund a managers account more than an employees account with no discrimination issues at all.

Federal Exchange and MarketPlace for Individuals & Families in the US...get your questions answered

This video explains the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Obama Care, Federal Exchange, and MarketPlace with detailed information


  • Traditional plans
  • Health Saving Account options–dental and vision
  • Uninsurable insurance
  • Short term medical options for outside Open Enrollment "window"
  • Health plans that include Alternative Care such as Chiropractic, Acupuncture & Naturopathic
  • Accident and Critical Illness reimbursement/payout plans
  • Travel Insurance for outside US and inside US (Patriot and Global)
  • Christian Medi-Share plans  
  • Guaranteed issue mini-med and indemnity plan options  
  • OHP and Healthy Kids

I enjoy helping clients understand how health insurance can work for them by finding a plan that fits their lifestyle.  Most people don’t know the difference between a comprehensive or a catastrophic plan, or how a deductible, co-insurance and co-payment can work together with some plans and not with others.

Whether clients want to add a new little one to the family, are in between jobs and not wanting to pay the high cost of Cobra, looking for the best “child only” plan, or looking for a plan to supplement a high deductible, I can help.

“I do my research, so you don’t have to.  Let me help you make an informed decision when purchasing Life, Health, Dental or Visioninsurance.  Give me a call and I’ll provide you my best, and nothing less.”

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Index Universal Life Insurance – More Than Just Traditional Life Insurance

Many people are looking for alternative ways to protect their family and financial future. There is a lot of apprehension when it comes to life insurance and saving for retirement. The old ways of putting your money to work seem archaic once you take a step back and realize the restrictions, fees, and penalties if you need to touch that money before you are allowed.

Index Life Insurance (IUL) with no market risk

An Index Universal Life Insurance (“IUL”) is a structured life insurance plan, which follows the market but is not actually in the market. This allows the cash value of the plan to stay the same even if the market crashes. If you’ve experienced a market crash in the past, as I have, you know how devastating it can be to reaching your retirement goals as previously planned.

Benefits of using Indexed Life Insurance

The availability of an Indexed Life Insurance (IUL) on the market now offers individuals a Life Insurance option with potentially greater Policy Cash Accumulation. One big differences in an IUL verses older Whole Life Insurance plans is the way that interest is accumulated as it bases interest credits, in part, on changes in the local and foreign Index movements. If your goals require a stable Policy Value or potentially higher Cash Accumulation it’s time to look further into an IUL as an option for additional cash down the road.

How do IUL’s work, and are they for you

Indexed Universal Life, or IUL’s as they tend to be referred to, are insurance policies that provide cash accumulation benefits to your family in the event that the unthinkable should occur. IUL’s build cash value based on market trends during your lifetime. They are called “Indexed” because they follow the markets…however, IUL’s are not “in” the stock market, therefore your investments are protected should the market suffer a decline.