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Employee benefits are something that most businesses must manage no matter where you live. While they are an important, few employers have the time and resources to sit down and properly manage them. Montgomery & Graham understands this and has dedicated itself to innovative employee benefits planning.

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Group Healthcare Options

For group health insurance, there are two categories: large group insurance and small group insurance. The category of insurance is determined by the number of employees in the company. A company with less than 50 employees is considered small group insurance. A company with more than 50 employees would be considered large group insurance. The rates are different for large group insurance and small group insurance, as are the requirements.

Why should an employer choose group health insurance? One reason is that a good employee benefits package helps to attract and retain employees. If an employee has an opportunity to work at two different companies offering the same pay, but one of the companies provides better employee benefits packing, the employee may choose to work for the company with the better employee benefits package.

Corporate wellness programs have become very popular in recent years. Companies across the world are realising the importance of employee wellbeing. Happier employees are more productive and healthier employees are happier. Health, joy and productivity are all interlinked. Hence, the benefits of workplace wellness programs are quite obvious.

Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Employee Benefit Questions

"What is Coinsurance?", "What is an EOB?", "What is a PPO?" Confused about common health insurance benefits terms? These FAQs cover the basics to take the mystery out of coverage terms

Benefit Counseling: The Key to Successful Enrollment

As an employer, you want employees to understand and appreciate the substantial value of their benefits. It is important that employees understand their benefits when they are enrolling to ensure they make the best choice for themselves, their family, their lifestyle and their budget.

Managed Care: Health Insurance Terminology

What is Health maintenance organization (HMO)? Or how about Preferred provider organization (PPO)? This article defines managed care and several other terms related to medical insurance.

Insurance News Video Updates

Preparing for the Department of Labor's FMLA audit of your organization

Are you ready for the knock on the door announcing an investigation of your Family and Medical Leave Act practices by the U.S. Department of Labor?

Employee Medical Benefits: Self-Funded vs. Fully Insured

All group medical benefit plans fall into one of two categories: self-funded or fully insured. This article explains the differences between self-funded and fully insured employee medical benefits.

The Advantages of Self-funding

In today’s business climate, managers need benefits solutions as resourceful and cutting-edge as the organizations they run. Employers of all sizes are looking to mold their plans around the requirements of their businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions about HSA Plan Usage

How do I manage my HSA? What expenses are eligible for reimbursement from my HSA? Can the funds in an HSA be invested? Find out the answers to these health saving account questions and more about.

10 Reasons to Love a Health Savings Account

With the soaring cost of health care, many consumers are turning to the health savings account (HSA) as a way to combat rising expenses. The HSA offers consumers a manageable way to take control of their health expenses.

Workplace Wellness: Focusing Your Efforts

After an organization has completed the analysis of the worksite assessment and employee survey and taken a look at the array of program strategies to be considered, it's time to decide where to focus the wellness efforts. This article discusses things to consider when developing the wellness plan.

Workplace Wellness: Using Incentives in Wellness Programs

Incentives are about getting people to do things they would not generally do. This article explains why and how to incorporate incentives into your wellness program.

An Employer's Guide to Promoting Wellness at the Workplace

An article explaining the benefits of promoting wellness at the workplace, the best practices to follow when developing a wellness program and how to develop an operating plan for a wellness program.

Consumer-Driven Health Care: Creating Choices For You

The consumer-driven model is all about educating the patient. An educated patient can better understand health care and health costs and then make better decisions when faced with medical expenses.

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