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Accidents, natural disasters and just plain carelessness happen all too often in our everyday lives. As we get older and accumulate more in our lives like our homes and cars, we look for protection against life’s little “oops” moments and those unforeseen events that could prove to be costly for us. One way that we achieve protection is through purchasing insurance coverage. Montgomery & Graham Property & Casualty offer a wide range of insurance benefits that any consumer would appreciate. They provide excellent service whether you are looking to protect your home, vehicle, and business. M&G Property & Casualty assure you that they are bringing you tomorrow’s insurance planning strategies today.

Benefits for you and your vehicle

Your vehicle is like an extension of you when you are on the roads and just like health insurance coverage helps you with the cost of treatment in case of illness or injury, you need auto insurance to protect you in case of accidents or theft among other things.  M&G Property & Casualty provides auto insurance to help you maintain your independence on the highways. When you choose Montgomery & Graham to help you protect your vehicle, you receive a host of benefits. They offer accident and minor violation forgiveness to their clients. Accident forgiveness allows you to not be punished with higher rates in the event of an accident even if it is your fault. This only applies to your first accident but is renewed every three years. Minor citations can be costly for drivers and add points against your license. Minor violation forgiveness stops accidental points from being added to your record and like accident forgiveness applies to the first incident and is renewed every three years from the last minor violation you have received. Both services save you money by keeping your rates steady in those times when things happen beyond your control. For those that do everything possible to ensure that they are a safe driver, simply maintaining low rates is not much of a reward in itself. That is why Montgomery & Graham provides you with the benefit of a diminishing, or vanishing deductible. Accident and violation free drivers can look forward to a $100 credit towards their deductible every year they go without incidents receiving up to a maximum of $500 off their auto insurance deductible. You might as well be rewarded for not only protecting yourself but your passengers and others on the road.

Benefits for you and your home

You life plays out in your home and you want to make sure while you are there you are protected by having home insurance coverage. When accidents occur in or around your home they can cost you money in medical bills, rate increases and other expenses that arise. That is why M&G Property & Casualty stresses the importance of having homeowners liability insurance. This prepares you in the case of future accidents and cost due to those accidents by protecting your finances and your family against medical cost, legal fees and even property damage repairs. When you rent a place or live in a condo, you want the similar protection that someone with a house has in the event of unpredictable occurrences like fires or floods. Renters insurance allows you to replace personal items that may be damaged in such events. Montgomery & Graham offers to reimburse you for either the actual cash value of these items or your replacement costs. Just as with renters insurance, those with condo insurance have coverage for their personal items in the home but for the interior of their place as well, saving you from the high costs of in-home repairs like drywall replacement. Montgomery & Graham Property & Casualty seeks to save you money and will allow you to completely relax in your home knowing you are covered.

Property & Casualty, Are You Covered?

The team at Montgomery & Graham Property & Casualty know that shopping around for insurance coverage can sometimes be a difficult task and they are ready to answer your questions about the types of coverage available.

What types of coverage are available for your home and what do they protect?

Your home is where you and your family will live out a great bit of your lives, so you want to ensure that a roof remains over your heads. Home or homeowners insurance coverage provides you with worry-free living in your abode in the event of accidents or natural disasters. Montgomery & Graham Property & Casualty offer a range of coverage options to fulfill your individual and family needs. Montgomery & Graham coverage options include homeowners’ liability coverage, renters insurance, condo insurance and mobile home insurance. Homeowners’ liability covers claims for property damage, injuries to others, liability defense costs and medical expenses for injuries to others. Renters insurance covers you for damage that may occur to your personal property while renting from apartment or condo rentals to single-family dwellings and townhomes rentals. It also offers liability insurance to renters in case of injury to others. Condo insurance, like rental insurance, covers damage to personal property but also damage to the interior of your unit along with liability coverage. Home insurance includes personal property protection, family liability protection, guest medical protection, home and structure protection, and additional living expenses. M&G property and casualty are sure to have you covered on all your household protection needs.

What types of auto insurance coverage are available and what do they protect?

You use your vehicle to travel to and from work, back and forth school and events. You may even decide to take a drive for a family vacation. Whenever you’re in your car you want to make sure your family is safeguarded. Montgomery & Graham Property & Casualty provides auto insurance for this very reason which includes liability coverage, comprehensive coverage, collision coverage and roadside assistance to name a few. When you are driving you can experience things that delay your trip like flat tires, or maybe while you’re in a rush you accidentally lock your keys in the car: that’s when you need roadside assistance. Roadside assistance can cover you for simple needs like towing when you experience a breakdown to jumpstarts. Collision coverage protects your vehicle from bumper to bumper in case of accidents involving other cars and/or objects. Comprehensive coverage guards against non-collision incidents including theft or larceny, fire damage, vandalism and glass breakage. Liability coverage protects you in case you are held responsible for an accident and covers injury to drivers, passengers and pedestrians as well as property damage. Montgomery & Graham will ensure the safety of others as well as your own on the highways and byways.


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